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Why Choose Us?

Fully Updated

All RGH systems are updated to 17559. Ready to go online as soon as you add stealth.

Experienced Technicians

Our soldering and repair skills are professional, meaning our work is clean, neat, and reliable.

Cleaned and Tested

We thoroughly clean and test every single console we service. We also replace the thermal paste free of charge.

30 Day Warranty

All consoles come with 30 Day Hardware Warranty, beginning on the delivery date. We do not cover user inflicted problems.

Fast Tech Support

Our tech support team can help you with any questions you may have with your console, and will always return inquiries within 24 hours.

Fast Shipping

We always use 2-Day or 3-Day Priority Mail Shipping, and will ship out consoles in 1-2 business days once work is complete.

Identify Your System

Before you order a send-in, make sure you know which system you have. If you need help, contact us.


We offer various Send-In services! From Repair to Modding, we have the service for you! Price includes return shipping.

Turn around time is 1-7 business days depending on service, work required, and condition of your console. We will keep you informed.

We will email you within 1 business day regarding details of your Send-In. Make sure to check your Spam folder.
U.S only, including Alaska and Hawaii. Orders with addresses in other countries will be cancelled and refunded.

By purchasing a service, you agree to our Warranty Terms and Conditions for Send-Ins.

Xbox System Diagnostic

Starting at $17.99

Need something fixed? Please contact us so that we can get you an estimate. Our base fee is $17.99, you only pay more if we fix the issue.

Contact for a quote

Phat RGH Service


RGH Send-In for Falcon, Opus, or Jasper Xbox 360 Phat. Please ensure you do NOT have a Xenon/Zephyr. Disclaimer

Slim/E RGH Service


RGH Send-In for Trinity or Corona Xbox 360 Slim or E. Please ensure you do NOT have a Winchester. Disclaimer

Modding Parts/Supplies

Want to mod your console yourself and need quality supplies?

Don't settle for high prices or long shipping times of other sellers,
Check out PhenomMod where we have the parts that you're looking for with fast shipping!

By purchasing a part, you agree to our Warranty Terms and Conditions for Parts.

Coolrunner Rev-C


Perfect for RGH1 or RGH1.2 on a Falcon, Opus, or Jasper motherboard!

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X360ACE V3 Cafe


Perfect for S-RGH on a Trinity or Corona motherboard! Genuine X360ACE chips only!

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View Other Parts

$3.00 - $31.00

NAND-Xs, SD Tools, Southbridges, NANDs and more available!

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Pre-Built Consoles

We apologize, Octal's Console Shop is not currently selling any Pre-Built Consoles.

Check out our partners over at RGH Nation who can provide you with a High Quality RGH Console.


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